In partnership with Art for Growth, FreshView Books and Productions is currently seeking actors and actress for the following roles:

Note:  Roles with a * requires both an actress and vocalist.  Roles with a ** requires dance.  Roles with *** requires all three disciplines.

Current Roles Open for Audition

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Main Characters:

Dazzy Washington, 16, African American Male, Rapper **

Hope Perez, 16, Hispanic Female, Vocalist ***

Spring Johnson, 15, Caucasian Female, Vocalist ***

Sterling Jones, 16, Mixed Race, Vocalist ***

Future Roles to be Cast:

Support Cast

Spunk Jackson, 15, Male

Dysheka Kennedy, 16, Female

Randy Little, 15, Female

Detra Logan, 16, Female

Jamal James, 10, African American Male

Rebecca Washington, 40's, African American Female

Rita Johnson, 40's, Caucasian

Grandma Diaz, 60's, Hispanic Female

David Perez, 40's, Hispanic Male