Meet Our Director

At the age of 19, MoriEl became a youth minister for a small church. The head of the church convinced her to form, Art for Growth, a nonprofit organization with the mission to teach life skills to youth through the performing arts.

With help from The Almighty, MoriEl created theatrical workshops for school-aged children.  Eventually, word of mouth and her creativity earned her organization a sizable grant.  The grantors commissioned MoriEl to write an original stage play for over 30 public school students.  The success of the project led to many others like it, and in the process, MoriEl found her voice.  She would use her original productions to teach and inspire young performers
and audiences.

In addition to work as a playwright, she also became the author of several books.  You can learn more about her book titles by clicking this link.  

As she continued to grow as a writer and disciple of Christ, she became extremely sensitive to the lack of edifying or inspirational films and television, particularly for the younger generation.  She was especially critical of the inferior quality of many “Faith-based” films.  She found herself haunted by the notion that she could make a difference. 
But, it was not until she singlehandedly produced a web series for her organization’s youth program that she began to entertain the idea of becoming a filmmaker.  She thought that perhaps with the right training, The Almighty could use her flair for storytelling to reach others through film.

After hearing a quote from Adolph Hitler stating “He who owns the children, gains the future.”  Moriel was convinced that Hitler was simply exposing the agenda of God’s greatest enemy.  She understood that this enemy’s most powerful course to young minds was through media.
Armed with that revelation she accepted her final mission; she would spend the rest of her life doing her part to create films designed to enrich the hearts and minds of both youth and young adults.  After committing over thirty years of her life serving young people, she would now serve them
through a new medium.

Today, with her mission and goals in place, Moriel has become a student at Full Sail University studying digital cinematography.  While working hard towards her degree she continues to grow as a writer/filmmaker, with the hope that in time her contributions will make a difference in the lives of our young who will one day “gain the future.”

Young Choices

A Short Documentary for youth, about youth written and directed by:
MoriEl Randolph

Spiritual Warfare

A Family Short Film, written and directed by:
MoriEl Randolph

Mood Board

Created by:
MoriEl Randolph

The Birthday Cake

A Family Short Film, written and directed by:
MoriEl Randolph

The Come Back

A Family Short Film, written and directed by:
MoriEl Randolph