How To Setup An Audition:

Seeking Actors Ages 16 - 21

Audition Request Instructions

First Auditions are held online.  To be considered for a second/in-person audition please first follow the steps below: 

     Step 1.  Submit the following to [email protected]:

                     - Headshot
                     - Other Photos (optional)

                     -  Link to an online Video demonstrating your talent as
                        required below 
 (e.g., Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)

                              Your audition video can demonstrate all of the talents
                              below in one presentation or with separate video links:
                                     i.  Your talent as an actress/actor (use of side from
                                         Series is optional for online audition but will be
                                         required for the second in-person audition.) 

                                     ii. Your ability to sing (we recommend auditioning
                                          with POP music, not music from musicals.
                                          Contemporary Christian POP preferred).    

                                               iii. Your ability to dance (move in time to

NOTE:  If you are currently registered with an online casting site please send your profile link
to:  [email protected]

Click Below to Download Side from Street Lights' Script.

for best results


Side for Hope Perez

 Side for Spring Johnson

 Side for Sterlen Jones
Side for Sterlen Jones

     Step 2.  If you pass the first/online audition you will receive an
    invite from our casting director via email.

     If you receive an invitation to audition you will be provided the date,
     time, and public location

  Minors must be accompanied by an adult authorized to sign a
  release for the Auditionee(s)

Second auditions will be held in April 2019 at the Silver Spring's Maryland Civic Center.  First Audition Requirements must be submitted by or before April 7th in order to be considered for second auditions held in April.

  For questions or additional information
please email us at [email protected]