In partnership with Art for Growth, FreshView Productions currently seek actors and actresses ages 16 - 21 for the following roles:

Note:  Roles with one asterisk * requires both acting and singing.  Roles with two asterisks ** requires acting and dance.  Roles with three asterisks *** requires all three disciplines.

Current Role(s) Open for Audition

Main Character(s):

Hope Perez, 16, Hispanic Female, Actress, Singer, Vocalist, Dancer***

Spring Johnson, 16, Caucasian Female Actress, Singer, Dancer***


Sterlen Jones, 16, Mixed Race, Actor, Singer, Dancer***

Due to the specifications required to successfully fill all roles for the series, we've determined to initiate casting calls while the series is still under development.

Headshot and Audition Video Link(s) Required.   Click link to Instructions below.

Character Profiles:

HOPE PEREZ:  Hispanic Female

Talented sixteen-year-old high school student, with a hard outer persona but a heart of gold that would take a bullet for
a friend.  She's beautiful, strong-headed, feisty, and outspoken.

SPRING JOHNSON:  Caucasian Female
Sixteen-year-old giddy blonde.  A brilliant chronic “A” student, and
a real sweetheart.

STERLEN JONES:  Biracial Male
16-year old high school heartthrob. Smart, talented, gorgeous and he knows it.  The Series' primary antagonist.  

Street Lights is a new Online Streaming Series currently Casting while under development. We seek talent that can deliver a professional level performance in all the following disciplines:      


The series is faith-based/family friendly. Therefore, the talent should be of
strong morals and character with the desire to serve as a role model.

NOTE: Auditionees who do not match age or the character's ethnicity must at least have the appearance of the ethnic or age requirement as stated by the casting call.   Minors must be accompanied by an adult authorized to sign a
release for the Auditionee(s)


Additional Skills & Requirements:

a. Ability to follow choreography.

Resident of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area (or) must be
willing to spend school breaks in DC Metro area, 
if currently
living out of 
the area).


Upcoming Casting Calls:

Supporting Cast

Spunk Jackson, 15, Caucasian Male (Student)

Dysheka Kennedy, 16, Female (Student)*

Randy Little, 15, Female (Student)*

Detra Freeman, 16, Female (Student)*

Jamal James, 10, African American Male

Spencer Logan, 28, Caucasian Male (Guidance Counselor)

Rebecca Washington, 40's, African American Female (Dazzy's Mom)

Rita Johnson, 40's, Caucasian (Spring's Mom)

Grandma Diaz, 60's, Hispanic Female

David Perez, 40's, Hispanic Male (Hope's Dad)

*Ethnic Appearance not assigned to Character.