Meet Our Director

MoriEl Randolph has served as Executive Director for the non-profit organization Art for Growth for over twenty years.  She has committed the majority of her life serving youth through the discipline, creativity, and challenge of the Performing Arts.

MoriEl is first and foremost a disciple of Christ.  It's through her commitment to The Almighty that she has persevered for over two decades in spite of funding and other challenges. 

In 1999, she created a series of theatrical workshops for school-aged children served by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.  Eventually, word of mouth and her creativity earned Art for Growth  (AFG) a sizable grant.  The grantors commissioned AFG to write an original stage play for over 30 public school students within three different Montgomery County Schools.  The success of the project led to many others like it, and in the process, MoriEl found her voice.  She would use her ability to write and direct original productions to teach and inspire youth and their families.

In addition to her work as a playwright, she's also the author of several books.  You can learn more about her book titles by clicking this link.  

As she continued to grow as a writer and follower of Christ, MoriEl became extremely sensitive to the lack of edifying films and television, particularly for the younger generation.  She was especially critical of the inferior quality of many family films.  She found herself haunted by the notion that she could make a difference. 

However, she did not realize how much of a difference until after she and youth program participants managed to produce a short film (without any prior experience).   It was then that MoriEl began to entertain the idea of becoming a filmmaker.  After spending over twenty years of her life serving young people, she would now serve them through a new medium.

Today, with her mission and goals in place, Moriel continues to write and direct films through her affiliation with partner FreshView Production.  In 2019 she will become a Full Sail University graduate having earned a B.S. degree in digital cinematography.  It is her hope and goal to use her passion, experience, and knowledge to reach young people throughout Charles County Maryland, and the entire Washington, Metropolitan area through Art for Growth's Community Film Institute.


Thank you for your interest in our organization. 

For decades I've written and directed productions with and for youth ages 5 to 18.  However, as I continue to earn my degree in Cinematography, I've had the opportunity to try my hand at being a Director of Photography.

Below are a few projects.  Though they cannot meet with the same quality and expertise produced by my Film Crew when serving strictly as director, I do hope you can enjoy my effort to work behind the camera.

Young Choices

A Short Documentary for youth, about youth written and directed by:
MoriEl Randolph

Mood Board

Created by:
MoriEl Randolph

Spiritual Warfare

A Family Short Film, written and directed by:
MoriEl Randolph

The Birthday Cake

A Family Short Film, written and directed by:
MoriEl Randolph

The Come Back

A Family Short Film, written and directed by:
MoriEl Randolph