Believers from all over the world are invited to share their greatest testimonies of how god has worked in their lives.

Together, let's show the world through our testimonies that THE ALMIGHTY WORKS, TODAY, YESTERDAY, AND ALWAYS!

there are 3 ways to share

VIDEO - You can submit a video sharing your testimony either via Facebook or Facebook Messenger (for privacy) by becoming a follower on our Facebook Page .  You can do the same on Twitter  once you become a follower.  You can also send your video link from your YouTube, Vimeo, or another online video platform account.  Please send your link to [email protected] .

EMAIL - You can share your testimony via email.  Your email message should also be sent to  [email protected]

Note that s one of Street Light's Facebook followers, you can also use Facebook or Facebook Messenger (for privacy) to submit a written version of your testimony. 

Don't have the time to write it down?  Try taking advantage of your Smartphone's "Voice to Text" feature and have it write your testimony for you.  All you have to do is dictate.  You can then send the message it creates via email.

MAIL - Then there's the old fashion way.  Simply write us a printed or clear-handwritten copy of your testimony and drop it in the mail to us.  Address it to: 

Street Lights TV,
c/o Art for Growth  
3200 Crain Hwy, Ste. 203
Waldorf, MD  20613 

Street Lights is a FreshView VOD Production currently under development.  The creator of the series, MoriEl Randolph, would like to include the testimonies of believers and followers of Christ as part of the storylines for Street Light Episodes.  The series is also a part of Art for Growth's (AFG) Film Ministry.  AFG is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization and partner with FreshView Productions.  The goal of the ministry is to use film and television to manifest the heart, love, and trustworthiness of The ALMIGHTY through a realistic, yet creative approach designed to shine fresh light on life, truth and the future, a light we pray will ignite hope in viewers.

Though we won't be able to include all the testimonies we receive, we will have the honor of interviewing those whose testimonies are selected.  Or, for our shyer community members, we will share a summary of their testimony along with photos.  The interview or summary will be aired with the episode it's featured in, and will take place at the end of the episode.

For our submission policies and additional information and the selection and interview process
click here.