Current Volunteer Opennings

Serve on a Committee



Fundraising & Finance Committee:

Brainstorm with other volunteers to develop plans, budgets, and resources for raising and deligating the funds needed to fulfil Art for Growth's mission, goals, and objectives.
Public Relations Commitee:

Work together with other volunteers to create campaigns designed to expose the public to the work, mission, and needs of the organization.
Production Development Committee:

Become a part of the decision makers, and developers of AFG's film and web series productions.  Work together with othe volunteers to put together film crews, auditions, choreographers, and more.
Venue Committee: 

Join other volunteers to research, negotiate, and manage site locations for auditions, rehearsals, classes
and productions.

Serve on our Board of Directors

Become a board member:

Contribute to Art for Growth's executive decisions.  Help oversee committees, while governing, and guiding the orgainiztion towards the fullfilment of its mission.

How to become an AFG Volunteer

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To apply for any of the above current volunteer positions, please fill out the form to the right of this page.  With your permission, our volunteer coordinator will contact you to set up a phone interview.

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